Outdoor Signs

Exterior Signs will generally make your business’ first impression about your business’ physical location. A well crafted, well placed sign will communicate more than the location of your business, it can make a statement about the quality of your products and services.

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs can be very dynamic, for example; a high-end corporate logo sign can create a great impression in a conference room or lobby. Or, a large, vibrant print with your product featured prominently can create desirability and impulse sales with your viewer. Interior signs are also the most effective wayfinding and directory products for visitors and guests. 

Tradeshow Displays

Preparing for a trade show, especially for small companies, can be a daunting task. Deciding what to include and how to set up an actual exhibit/display is one of the fundamental decisions you’ll have to make. We can help you make these decisions with our wide variety of tradeshow display products.


GLT Signs is an experienced production and installation team. When we create our products, our design and production team is intuitive to the final details. At the forefront of our process, we envision the final product whether it be installed or the applied by the end-user.




Large Format Printing

Large format printing is our inspiration for creating impressive designs and developing first rate products that are the benchmark of the sign industry. We define our reach in the sign market by our various print processes, which allows an almost unlimited range of custom print products.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps create a great impression, they are one of the best ways to make an impact on viewers. Like a mobile billboard, vehicle graphics create several impressions per day on viewers which will boost your brand recognition wherever your vehicle travels.


We make apparel print easy and with a personal touch. We offer a hands-on approach with custom design services and expertise in apparel print production.

Brand Collateral

Brand Collateral is the collection of media used to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service. These products are designed congruent with the brands core values and personality.




Logo Design

A company logo is often the first step in developing your company’s image. The importance of a company logo can not be over-stated, a well designed logo can represent your values and communicate your message to the viewer.


We create unique and effective branding identities for our clients. This is an important process to any thoughtful marketing strategy.

Project Development

At various stages of architecutral design and construction, the developers may need to consult a graphic artist for sign solutions. We are such consultants

Graphic reproduction

We offer print solutions unique to each project, keeping the integrity of the repoduced work at the forefront of our process.


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