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Upper Playground is an SF based company that sells clothing which integrates and displays the work of local and international artists and designers. 

Their work is inspirational, a creative hub for artists whose style presents a view that is relative to our modern culture. Their subjects include street art, tattoo culture, athelitcs, hip-hop, typographic expressions, photography, and the Bay Area. Their work is distributed in 300 stores globally and online storefront for their apparel, books, and fine art.

The company also runs a San Francisco art gallery called FIFTY24SF.

Artists that have collaborated with Upper Playground include Sam Flores, Ron English, Gary Baseman, Evan Hecox, Chris Pastras, Jeremy Fish and Estevan Oriol.

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“Typography and graphic design inspiration, calligraphy, lettering. Find the best fonts and typography books suggestions.”

Betype.co is a creative inspiration blog which showcases typography and illustration from Behance and other portfolio platforms. Betype also sources great font and design packages from around the web, with an emphasis on great prices for the design community.


Gallery images from:

Lettering project by Jamar Cave

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This is an informative article from marketingprofs.com

By James George

No question about it, brand loyalty is down since the recession. To fight that trend, marketers have been taking the traditional route of using short-term tactics. They’ve lowered prices, instituted or expanded rewards programs, and spent more on advertising. However, those are expensive, and when everyone is using the same tactics, their effectiveness is minimized.

Something different is needed: a contextual marketing strategy to build brand loyalty.

A contextual marketing strategy harnesses industry and market drivers, as well as external forces of influence (“influencers”). The drivers determine market direction and what it takes to stay competitive; influencers shape the voice of the market.

Read more here.

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Klimt by Typesketchbook

One of our most inspirational resources are amazing fonts, which we are always researching.

Klimt described on myfonts.com:

Structurally inspired by Modern font, Klimt is distinctive for its two options: Original Slab Serif and Organic Slab Serif. The Latter is special for it illustrates the designer’s attempt to genetically modify the font. Beginning with the original structure, a humanist twist is incorporated into the serif adding the presence of curvy lines that shatter the solidity of the geometric form of the font. Another distinctive feature of Klimt is the Ball Terminal at the upper curve of the letters such as ‘a, c, r and s.’ The results of Typesketchbook’s investigation give birth to a unique pair of the fonts, Original Slab Serif and Organic Slab Serif, that while stemming from the same structure, offer a different visual vibe and feel.

Download here on myfonts.com

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Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world.

Their website features some impressive design resources, which can be an effective tool for creative inspiration.

Here are some excerpts from their blog article regarding branding:

“One of the most interesting projects that a graphic designer can take on is designing a logo. It can be daunting (and stressful) to come up with logo options based on market research, and stumble upon some “design magic” through the exploratory process. Narrowing it down to a final approved logo and then seeing it out in the world can be a very rewarding experience for a designer.

However, most of the time, a logo is not enough. Large organizations with layers of management require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand. But before we dig in, let’s define the difference (and relationship) between a brand, an identity and a logo.”

Read more here.


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Mary, the salon owner, engaged us to develop a new image for her business. “Cosi Bella” is Italian for “So Beautiful” and her vision was to have a logo that reflected their customer’s experience when visiting their salon. She described her ideal logo as a woman looking into a mirror and the text “Cosi Bella” be reflected back in the woman’s silhouette. The scope of work began with a logo design for new business cards, which quickly translated into window graphics, a-frame signs and printed collateral. Mary was enthusiastic about the logo images we drafted, which we finalized and implemented a color scheme and typography guidelines.

Cosi Bella is located in Downtown Martinez, neighbors to us here at GLT Signs and we are also clients of theirs. You can visit their webpage here.

About Cosi Bella,
Since December 2011, Cosi Bella has been an independently owned and operated facility located in the beautiful historic downtown Martinez where you hear the church bells ring and the trains whistle by. This beautiful and charming building was built in 1916, which is why the name is so fitting. Mary and John Mackenzie opened Cosi Bella Day Spa with the intention of providing an environment for entrepreneurs to be successful running their own businesses within the salon and for guests to feel rejuvenated. They are all professionals, very experienced in their field of expertise, and they strive to deliver on their guests expectations. Hours vary by technician and an appointment is recommended, but worth the wait! They are all proud to work in such a great location and look forward to many more years of service to all of their guests.

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“I’m getting locked up! Bail me out!!”

I’m participating in a fundraiser for MDA – Muscular Dystrophy Association
Please help me share this post and raise some funds for MDA!

And please donate any amount here:



Believe it or not, I’m going to jail and I need your help. While it’s not a real jail, it’s even more important as I’m raising bail to help children and adults with muscle disease in my community who are supported by the vital work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). I might not be able to rely on good behavior to get out so that’s why I need your help – I need you to donate to my bail! Just click on the donation button to make a secure donation - I know that together we’ll Make a Muscle and Make a Difference in the fight against muscle disease.

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We are proud to show you our new website!

The print and graphic design industries should be interactive and visually engaging, which is why we hope that you find our website informative and easy to navigate. We have used photos from some of our favorite projects to display our work for a better understanding of our products and services.

We plan to keep our website updated with featured projects we are working on and community events happening in our area.

Please leave us feedback about our website and our products and services, we’d like to hear from you.

Thank you!

James Patton



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