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We entered the sign industry as a failing business. The first challenge was to build our image out of the ashes and increase sales to become a sustainable business. The second challenge: the sign industry is a declining market. Since the recession, research shows us that companies are spending a lot less money on sign and print products. So, we have focused on providing a broader range of products and services. From graphic design, apparel, printed collateral, and many new sign products which weren’t offered by the previous owners, our clients have been able to get more from our business. More than a sign shop, GLT Signs is a graphic design and custom print studio. We have spent time building our new image in our local community and this has allowed us to develop our focus so we can better market ourselves to the greater Bay Area. Now, after 9 months of being in business, we are working towards expansion.

Our new mission is to increase sales as a production company and also operate as a design agency. As a production company, we market ourselves to business owners, property managers, contractors, and architects to bid on jobs with a large scope of work. This allows for our products to be more effectively integrated with the client’s company image. As a design agency, we market ourselves to businesses which will need to develop (or re-develop) their company image. For a new company startup, it will be easy to see the value in our services. We develop brand identities, which include logo design, style guides that define the company image and message, web design and marketing strategies. All of these products are necessary to a company’s success. They should be designed congruent and accurately represent the company image. The company’s image (the brand) should be easy to recognize and make a great impression on their prospective audience. For this reason, we find our combination of design and print production services effective. Our knowledge of industry products give us insight to how the brand image can be most effective. Also, our access to a larger network of industry resources makes us confident that we create thorough marketing and visibility strategies.

We are ambitious. Our company does not easily mold into an industry category. We are satisfied to know that we are sufficiently “outside of the box” to make our business succeed. We love our Downtown Martinez community and we look forward to bringing our products and services to more regions in the Bay Area.


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